What is the Masse Égale betting

The Masse Égale is a good alternative to progression roulette staking plans if you want to stop them. Learn more about this easy betting system by reading our guide.

The Masse Égale (“equal amounts”) roulette scheme is a straightforward staking technique that can be used at the tables.

Instead of increasing or decreasing stakes depending on the case, stakes in the Masse Égale remain constant.

Let’s look at how the method operates, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using it at the tables. Know that you can put your programs to the test at 카지노사이트‘s online roulette tables.

What is the Masse Égale roulette method and how does it work?

Stakes change in most roulette staking plans based on the result of the previous spin.

The Masse Égale varies in this regard. The stake stays the same after each spin, regardless of the previous outcome, as the name implies.

So, if you started with £1 and had 20 winning spins in a row, your stake would still be £1 at the end of the session.

At the table, putting the Masse Égale staking scheme to the test.

The Masse Égale is relatively simple to incorporate in practice. During a session, instead of increasing and decreasing bets, the stakes remain constant.

Since the Masse Égale is a non-progressive tactic, most players who use it will stick to Straight Up numbers that pay 35/1 on the win. Other inside bets, such as the split (two numbers) or street, are open (three horizontal numbers).

We’ve used a regular European Roulette table like the one found at 카지노사이트in our table below. We’re playing with £1 stakes.

Even if we lose our first nine spins, the £1 stake stays the same in our examples. Our number pops up on the tenth spin, and we win £36. We made a £25 profit on one winning spin out of ten.

The Masse Égale plan’s benefits and drawbacks

The biggest drawback of a flat betting structure, such as the Masse Égale, is that your stakes remain constant. In reality, if you want to reach a 35/1 winner, you’ll need a lot of spins.

For example, the chances of losing after 37 spins are 36%. After 50 spins of the wheel, the percentage drops to 25%, but it remains high. If you increase the number of spins to 75, the chances of losing decrease to 13%.

If your stakes are flat, however, you will be catching up on your losses for a long time.

The Masse Égale, on the other hand, deals for players with small bankrolls. Since your stakes never grow after a loss, as they do in negative progressions schemes like the Martingale, you can stretch your budget for much longer before going broke.

It’s possible to merge the Masse Égale with another revolutionary method, such as the Martingale.

Start with a flat betting structure for 36 spins, then progress to a progression strategy in which your stakes are doubled for each loss.

You can also turn to even-money bets like red/black or odd/even at this stage.

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Every roulette betting system has its own collection of drawbacks. You can better handle your budget with a flat staking strategy like the Masse Égale.

The Masse Égale’s beauty is that you have full control over your bets. A long downswing would have no effect on your stakes, and you can choose between inside and outside bets.

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